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Thomas Michael Pappas

April 29, 1933 ~ June 19, 2018 (age 85)

Thomas M. Pappas, 85, of Sandusky passed away June 19, 2018 following a lengthy illness.  He was born April 29, 1933 in Sandusky and is survived by his wife of 58 years, Cleone; two daughters, Tina (Steve) James, Anne Pappas and four much loved grandchildren.

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Below is the essence of the life of Thomas M. Pappas.

Our Thomas, Husband, Dad, Papou, Friend

Please give short pause to how the last months treated me unkind.

Those moments and memories are not truly mine, nor would I wish them to be yours.

Remember me as I strolled across all days.

Remember me as I ran the mountain and meadow country sides of the villages of my youth.

Remember me as I chased the foundations of who I am and forever will be.

Remember me when you come upon a cared for restaurant, for it is the backbone of doing whatever you can for your family and their well-being.

Remember me as you work all hours.

Remember me when you drive deep in the night.

Remember me as you instruct an eager mind that it is in their best interest to do a few more pages in a workbook. OK, a ton of more pages.

Remember me as you till a hardened earth, seeking perfect soil.

Remember me when you pass a well-kept garden for my soul is investing in its bounty, not for me, but for you. It brought me such reward.

Remember me as you savor a perfect peach that's sweet upon your lips.

Remember me as every drop caresses your eye for you are my most cherished charge.

Remember my many morning taps upon your sleeping head. Please smile knowing that I valued the start of all our days.

Remember me as you express to all to hear that a task is never complete until it is done right

Remember me as a I challenge you to excel, because I know that it'll permit the world to treat you a bit more gently. That is what I wish,

no matter what I say.

Remember that grammar mostly matters, maybe not just right this instant.

Remember me for I am not far from where you take each step.

Remember me as you look into eyes of my beloved daughters, for that's me. Good and maybe not so good, yet I was always proud as I could be.

Remember me when you pass the houses that sit on Jackson Street, for they gave me gifts that I always held dear, as we all made them home.

Remember me as you hold each other and share a tear and laugh.

My heart was always much better at what I could not show.

Remember me when rice pudding was made, cause Chad was coming here.

Remember me as you lament when rice pudding used to be made for you, Steve, when you were coming home.

Remember me as you show the world what it means to be part Greek. Maybe argue softer though and let them know they might be right. Naaaawh.

Remember me when you sip those frothy Nescafes. Think about your Florida time and my care in blending them just so.

Remember me when you drive that giant bag of grapefruit and oranges back from Florida too, none will ever taste like mine did, I'll have to warn you so.

Remember me when your children, my great grandchildren, are crammed to sleep in one space. It wasn't out of cruelty it was just easier to watch over you as you slept. Kyle's kids will forever have to be told to be quiet and implored to go to sleep.

Remember me when the tantrums come, that you're never to wake a child that has finally fallen asleep.

Remember our Busch Gardens and laugh at what it was. Chad no matter what you've been told, that was not my fault.

Remember me as you stroll the grounds of magnificent Cedar Point. For I have left my footprints across each and every part.

Remember me as you catch the show that you can expect it to be quite good. I'll be sitting right beside you knowing that it is. And by the way, there's a great young singer that resembles Kyle so, Ask Cleo she'll certainly agree.

Remember me as you prepare that meal for those around you now. It's showing that you love them in my most normal way.

Remember it should be healthy in the composite of its parts. Unless it's for my princesses, then that rule doesn't apply. Spaghetti, even ice cream will really do just fine.

Remember me as you show the world what you have all become, for every little part you has a tiny piece of me.

Stay proud, stay strong, stay honest, stay persistent in who you are, yet pause when you do so, cause that's how I remember you.

Your friend, Your Papou, Your Dad, Your Husband, Your Thomas. 

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